Terms & Conditions

Website Design & Development

Spin Digital offer bespoke website solutions including Web Design & Development, and can provide a no-obligation quote upon request and providing your system requitements.

When a quote is accepted we require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the price quoted for the project to be started, with the remaining 50% due on completion of the project, or if prior agreed, within 30 days of the completed project being launched.

Late payments are subject to a 5% late charge every calendar month from the date of completion until payment is settled. If payment is still not settled after 90 days Spin Digital reserve the right to suspend all service/s until payment is received in full.

Website Hosting

Spin Digital take care of the running and management of your website hosting requirements. Our hosting packages are provided through reputable hosting companies based in the UK, using the latest hosting server technologies.

All data is frequently backed up on multiple servers in secure locations by the host to ensure the security and integrity of your data. Spin Digital do not personally manage or store your data and thus are not responsible for any hardware or software issues which may affect the up-time of your website or the data stored on the hosting servers.

Late payments are subject to a re-connection fee of £50.00 and your hosting package will be suspended until the payment is settled.

Domain Names

Spin Digital do not manage domain names on behalf of clients. With the ever growing and changing needs of clients, domain names should always be registered to, and directly managed by, the client. This is solely for the benefit of the client as it allows them to freely move between providers as necessary for their business and avoids transfer fees and complications down the line.

Governing domain agencies such as Nominet and 123-Reg only allow authorised holders to make changes to domain names, so it is in the best interest of business owners to always register the domain to themselves, never through service providers.

Our domain services include setups, transfers, and updating of settings, upon request. All domain services are charged at an hourly rate of £50.00 per hour.

Integra CMS

Integra is an inhouse built CMS platform which is robust and scalable to suit your current and future business needs. As our most popular CMS, it automatically includes Website Hosting as well as General Support and Database Backups.

Integra CMS is setup and configured to work seamlessly on the designated server and is non-transferable to other website hosts or providers. If FTP access is required by you or your developer, a limited FTP account can be provided allowing work to the front-end side of your website. Back-end development and updates must be carried out by Spin Digital.


In the event that payment is withheld where services have already been rendered, Spin Digital reserve the right to suspend all service/s until payment is received in full. Furthermore, legal notices or action may be taken as deemed necessary and any fees or expenses incurred in such action will be borne by the customer.

As a valued client, you fully own the design and content of your website. In the event that you wish to move your website to a different host, we can provide you with a full working digital copy of your static website on request, for a fee of £50.00. The digital copy would include all the front-end design, content and page structure, packaged and ready to be uploaded to a different server, allowing you to easily move your website elsewhere.